Pierre Pauze is a French artist and filmmaker. Born in 1990, he lives and works in Paris.
His practice evolves as much in the field of contemporary art, cinema and digital arts.

For several years, he has been exploring themes related to the mutations caused by new technologies, particularly on the new modes of representation, communication (memes) and the mythologies that result from them.

For this, he regularly collaborates with scientists (CERN, CNRS), actors of the techno-economic life (developers, engineers) or practitioners of various traditional customs or Neo-cults.

He conceives the space of these collaborations and researches as a medium in itself, and tries to reveal its aesthetic perspectives through multimedia installations, anticipation films, immersive scenographic devices or performances.

 He invokes multiple realities and influences in his narratives, building a universe where the sublime and the grotesque intermingle without hierarchy: sciences, pseudo-sciences, beliefs, mythologies, science fiction, conspiracy theories, video games, references to popular cultures, internet and underground, poor image and impeccable photography.

The result is floating, striking works, dealing with the current world in all its contradictions and complexity, which accumulate and superimpose the levels of reading. Together, they compose a dystopian and neo-romantic projection of a new kind, both disturbing and contemplative. 

Indeed the extreme contemporaneity of her installations and videos also give a deceptive image of our time.
It raises the codes and the modes of communications of a mutant society, rocking in realities more and more virtual, symptoms of the search of spirituality which underlies it, which dries up in its secularization, but is nourished in the forms of its dematerialization. 

Pierre Pauze thus exhumes the mystical dimension of what, at first sight, is disembodied, he raises the desires of transcendence where one would not necessarily expect them.